CHURCHES Nor Zartonk: game of thrones continues

Nor Zartonk made a statement on the crisis concerning the patriarchal election that started with the resignation of Sahak Maşalyan. Stating that the protocol signed in the secret meeting is invalid for Armenian society, Nor Zartonk urged Ateşyan to resign and demanded institutions managed by “wealthy men” become transparent and accountable.
CHURCHES “We want to raise more religious officials”

General Vicar of Patriarch Aram Ateşyan talked about the issue of raising new religious officials at the reception for Surp Dzınunt feast. On this wise, we wanted to explore how a religious official is raised.
CHURCHES Savior's birth as a refugee

On the occasion of Surp Dzınunt feast, Bishop Sahak Maşalyan assessed the meaning of Jesus Christ's birth in a barn in Bethlehem and its message for the present day.
CHURCHES Investigation on “missing painting” continues

In the Armenian press, there have been reports claiming that Vicar Patriarch Aram Ateşyan testified as part of the investigation on a painting that was disappeared from Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul. Ateşyan said that he hasn’t testified, but filed a complaint two years ago.