CHURCHES 12 Dersim Armenians baptized to complete return to their identity

Following a six-month course of church doctrine and basic knowledge of Christian belief, 12 more Dersim Armenians took their first step back to Christianity with a collective baptism ceremony. Two married couples also held religious engagement ceremonies following the baptism ceremony held on 9 May 2015, Saturday at the Yeşilköy Surp Istepanos Church.
CHURCHES 100 bells ring at Kumkapı Patriarchal Church

Surp Badarak mass in memory of April 24 has been held at the Turkey Armenian Patriarchal Church. Led by Deputy Patriarch Aram Ateşyan, the ceremony was also attended by EU Minister Volkan Bozkır. President Erdoğan’s message was also read at the ceremony where white doves symbolizing peace were released and bells were rung 100 times.
CHURCHES Patriarchate issues invite to April 24 mass

The Armenian Patriarchate of Turkey has issued an invite via its official Facebook page for broad participation at mass to be held on 24 April, Friday, at the Kumkapı Virgin Mary Patriarchate Church.