DINK COURT CASE Dink case will continue today

The first day of trials of Dink case ended with the reading of the indictment, which will be continued to be read today. It is also expected that the court will start to hear the suspects today.
NEWS Recusation in Dink case

Public officials who are responsible for Hrant Dink's murder are started to be heard. The court will decide suspect Yılmaz Angın's demand of recusation.
NEWS Friends of Hrant: Until the real murderers are punished as they deserve

Today, public officials who are responsible for Dink murder are being heard. Before the trial, Friends of Hrant made a statement to the press. It is stated that the public officials stand trial because of “fight for power” and the highest prosecution organ insists on protecting the governor who was in office at the time of murder.
NEWS Trials of Dink case started

The first hearing of the two Dink cases that are joined will be held today. At the hearings that will be held between April 19 and 21, 34 suspects, 8 of them being arrested, will stand trial together for the first time.
NEWS Supreme Court's insistance on investigation against Muammer Güler

A permit was requested for starting an investigation against former Minister of Interior Muammer Güler, who was the governor of Istanbul when Hrant Dink was murdered, and Ministry of Interior declined this request by deciding “not to put it in process”. Supreme Court Prosecutor's Office objected to the decision of Ministry of Interior.