NEWS A resilient refugee in need of support

Life is much harder for the refugees who are faced with the prejudices of the society. And when there is also an illness involved, it is not hard to imagine the extent of the challenges. The young man, whom we call Haig, left Syria because of the war and he is suffering from the aggravated victimization. He is a refugee and HIV positive.
NEWS “ISIS seized Raqqa in a minute”

“Fade to Black” video of “Maajooneh” released online 2 weeks ago and shared over and over. We talked to Farah and Amer from “Maajooneh” about their lives under the pressure of Asad regime and ISIS, their journey to Istanbul and plans for future.
NEWS 72 Armenians try to hold on in Yozgat

They were in Iraq and run away from ISIS. Their fate brought them to Yozgat. They live in hard conditions. UN couldn’t schedule any appointment for immigration application before 2022. They don’t know how they can live in these conditions for 7 years. The only thing they want is to meet with their relatives. Vartan Estukyan listened to the stories of the new Armenians of Yozgat.
NEWS Genocide item in the refugee negotiation with Germany

Spiegel newspaper claimed that the discussion about the Armenian Genocide draft in Bundestag is postponed for now. It was also claimed that Erdoğan laid down some conditions (3 billion Euros from Brussels, provide convenience for receiving visa, declaring that Turkey is a safe country and invitation for EU summits) for stopping the refugee traffic.
NEWS Farewell to Papa Stratis, the angel of the refugees

Papa Stratis from Kallonili Village of Lesbos Island turned Lesbos into a home for refugees with the contributions he made. Papa Stratis passed away on September 2; the same day that Aylan passed away, who put the refugee problem into world’s agenda again with the photograph of his dead body lying on the shore.