Genocide item in the refugee negotiation with Germany

Spiegel newspaper claimed that the discussion about the Armenian Genocide draft in Bundestag is postponed for now. It was also claimed that Erdoğan laid down some conditions (3 billion Euros from Brussels, provide convenience for receiving visa, declaring that Turkey is a safe country and invitation for EU summits) for stopping the refugee traffic.

Spiegel newspaper claimed that the discussion about the Armenian Genocide Proposal in Bundestag is postponed for now. This draft was agreed on in principle in April by Bundestag, but it was planned to be finalized after two more discussions. However, Spiegel claimed that these final discussions are postponed, since the negotiations with Turkey about the refugees are still going on and Turkey is sensitive about this issue. It is thought that coalition partners don’t make statements about this issue in order not to provoke Ankara. 

Özdemir is still hopeful

Making a statement about this issue to Süddeutsche newspaper, Green Party co-chair Cem Özdemir said that he hasn’t given up hope and the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide isn’t ended yet and he hopes that Bundestag will discuss the draft soon. Özdemir also said that he is curious about the attitude of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany about this genocide which had the purpose of annihilating a Christian community as a coalition partner that has “Christian” in its name. He pointed out that recognizing genocide on its 100th anniversary is something that they owe to the grandchildren of the victims. He also added that the accompliceship of the Germany in the genocide shouldn’t be ignored.

1 million refugees

EU tries to deal with the needs of thousands of refugees that came in a short time. Having accepted the majority of the refugees, Germany is expected to have 1 million refuges by the end of this year. Given that 60% of the refugees are male and their families will also come after their asylum process is done, it is thought that the number of the refugees in Germany will increase.

Preparing an integration plan for refugees to cover their needs (accommodation, basic necessities, health care, language education, employment and counsel for war traumas), Germany had hard times in dealing with this issue because over 200.000 refugees had come. Objecting to limiting the number of the refugees, Merkel is facing with severe criticism. That is why Berlin makes pressure to conduct a plan which will organize the number of the refugees in accordance with the economic and social structures of EU countries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived at Istanbul in order to convene with her Turkish counterparts primarily focusing on the growing refugee crisis and security issues. In a joint press conference, Davutoğlu said, “Turkey is ready to work with Germany and the EU on the migration crisis and would take all measures to prevent human traffic. However, Ankara is focused on four issues: the opening of negotiation chapters, visa liberalization, 3 billion Euros from the EU to Turkey for supporting the refugees and the invitation of Turkish leaders to EU summits.” In the same conference Merkel said, “Germany is ready to open Chapter 17 this year and to make preparations for (chapters) 23 and 24. We can talk about the details.” 

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu also reflected on the Armenian Genocide issue.

The PM, commenting on the genocide draft to be debated in Bundestag, again spoke about the need to set up a commission of historians: “I’ve noted that these topics really need to be discussed at the academic level, in a special commission, which should also comprise German historians,” Davutoğlu said. “We want to achieve a historic reconciliation with the Armenians and we stand ready for any cooperation.”

Merkel thanked Ahmet Davutoğlu for the proposal regarding an Armenian-Turkish reconciliation and noted that, in her view, they can continue to  work together actively.