3,000 migrants died in Mediterranean Sea during the first half of 2016

International Organization for Migration (IOM) stated that more than 3,000 migrants died in 2016 during their attempt to cross the Mediterranean for reaching Europe.

IOM estimated that, with the latest discovery of 39 bodies washed up on Libyan shores, number of casualties has risen to 3,034 among the migrants and refugees who attempted to go to Europe through Mediterranean. IOM stated that, “This year’s total so far, is significantly higher compared to last year as of end of July 2015, when 1,917 had lost their lives at sea.”

There are several reason for the increase in the casualties, IOM states: “One of the reasons behind the increase in migrant deaths is linked to the exceptional flow of arrivals and the high number of migrants – about 1,000 victims over a tragic few days – lost at sea in the last week of May 2016.”

238,000 migrants reached Europe

IOM estimates that more than 238,000 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in 2016. In 2015, more than 1 million migrants and refugees had reached Europe.

Director General of IOM William Lacy Swing thinks that the blocking of Balkan route and the refugee deal between Turkey and Europe won't make a difference. He stated that the desperate refugees would find other ways to reach Europe.

Number of casualties increased by 18%

Swing pointed out that number of casualties increased by 18% and the most dangerous route is through Mediterranean.

After the refugee deal between EU and Turkey, refugees had to abandon Aegean route, which is safer compared to Mediterranean. Though the Mediterranean route is dangerous, the refugees don't hesitate to take risk and attempt to reach Europe through Mediterranean. And this is one of the reasons of the increase in casualties.