Suicide bomber targets police station in Sultanahmet: 1 police officer dead

In the suicide bombing that took place in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, last night, police officer Kenan Kumaş was killed. While the suicide bomber also died, another police officer was wounded.

A suicide bomber blew herself up at the Tourism Police Branch Office in Sultanahmet, Istanbul. The female suicide bomber died as a result of the attack, while police officer Kenan Kumaş, who was heavily wounded in the attack, passed away in hospital.

The suicide bomber allegedly tried to enter the Tourism Police Branch Office, and that her aim was to detonate the bomb inside the building. She was allegedly prevented from entering the building by the guards, upon which she detonated the bomb at the entrance.

Identity of suicide bomber investigated

Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin said the investigation into the identity of the suicide bomber continued. Şahin stated that the bomber had entered saying, in English, that she had “lost her purse” and added:

“The information we can share with you at this stage is that a woman, a suicide bomber, came to the office where our Tourism Branch Directorate Police is located. There she detonated the bomb. Our officer is heavily injured. He is in intensive care. Another police officer is lightly injured. The suicide bomber has also died. She detonated the bomb inside. Our team is now carrying out an investigation, and also regarding her identity. She entered by claiming, in English, that she had lost her wallet. It is unclear at this point whether she was a Turkish citizen or a foreigner. The bombing took place around 17.20.”


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