ISIS blacklisted churches, Alevi people and their worship places

According to indictment about Ankara Massacre, the suicide bomber Yunus Durmaz recorded all churches in Turkey and blacklisted tens of Alive villages and cultural centers.

After the suicide attack that was carried out in Ankara on October 10, an indictment is prepared which includes information from ISIS member Yunus Durmaz's personal computer. According to Alican Durmaz from Cumhuriyet newspaper, Durmaz especially followed Alevi people. In the files found in his computer, names, addresses and phone numbers of the chairs of Alevi Bektaşi foundations and addresses, telephone numbers and names of the administrators of Adıyaman Alevi Foundation and Pir Sultan Abdal Foundation are written. It is also stated that the Alevi villages in Adana are also blacklisted. It turned out that Yunus Durmaz gathered a lot of information before the attack and planned the attack based on that information. 

Churches are also recorded

All the churches in Turkey are also listed and their opening hours, locations and phone numbers are recorded. ISIS also listed the names, address, phone numbers and administrators of the churches in Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and England, which mostly Turks and Muslims visit.

Alevi worship places and addresses are also in the list

Also Alevi villages, settlements, foundations and worship places (cemevi) in Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş, Adana, Gaziantep, Malatya, Adıyaman, Sivas, Bingöl, Tunceli, Mersin and Hatay are also recorded with their addresses and phone numbers.

Names and address of the foreign representative offices and honorary consulates in Adana, Gaziantep, İskenderun, Malatya, Kayseri and Hatay are also among the recorded information.

Addresses of Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (ÇYDD) and Atatürkist Thought Association (ADD)

Antep branch of ISIS recorded the addresses of branches of ÇYDD and ADD in many provinces. Addresses and phone numbers of Kayseri, Bünyan, Develi, Elazığ, Mersin, Anamur, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus, Yenice, Taşucu, Diyarbakır, Niğde, Bor, Ulukışla branches of these associations are found in Durmaz's computer.


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