NEWS Anniversary of Ankara massacre: festering wounds in body and soul

It has been almost a year since October 10 Ankara Massacre. The case of the massacre, which left 102 dead and 391 wounded, will start on November 7 without the public officials included, despite all the objections of the lawyers. We talked to the survivors of the massacre. Accounts of Gülşen Ay, Uğur Erman Karakoç, Elif Zavar and Bahadır Kılıç are like similar but disparate parts of the same harrowing story.
NEWS Attacked “October 10 monument” repaired

After the attempted coup, some protesters damaged the monument that was built in the memory of people who died in Ankara massacre on October 10. Yesterday, the monument was restored.
NEWS Ankara massacre indictment completed

The investigation on Ankara massacre happened on October 10 is completed. In the indictment, aggravated life imprisonment is demanded for 36 suspects.
NEWS Everybody knew about the plans of Ankara massacre

In the report of civil inspectors, the names of the police chiefs, who hadn't reported the information about Ankara massacre to their superiors, are listed. 102 people were killed in the suicide attack on October 10, 2015 during a rally in Ankara. In the information that was received on the day of the attack, even the name of the bomber is reported.