Ankara massacre indictment completed

The investigation on Ankara massacre happened on October 10 is completed. In the indictment, aggravated life imprisonment is demanded for 36 suspects.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office completed the indictment of the massacre that happened in front of Ankara Terminal on October 10.

The indictment with 36 suspects, 10 of them being arrested, is sent to Ankara 4th High Penal Court.

14 suspects are charged with being the perpetrators of the explosion and 22 suspects are charged with being a member of ISIS.

According to Mert Hasan Benli's report on Hürriyet newspaper, in the indictment, consisting of 571 pages, there are different charges against 36 suspects. İlhami Ballı, one of the chiefs of ISIS, takes place on the top of the indictment. In the indictment, there is a verdict of non-prosecution for 17 people, including Gaziantep Chief of ISIS Yunus Durmaz, who exploded himself in Gaziantep, and Halil İbrahim Durgun.

493 people, consisting of the relatives of the ones who were killed in the attack and the injured, are placed as victims in the indictment.

Aggravated life imprisonment is demanded for 36 suspects with the charges of “the attempt of abolishing constitutional order”, “murder in the first degree, attempted murder”.

What happened?

On October 10, thousands of people gathered in front of Ankara Terminal for attending “Labor, Peace and Democracy Rally”, which was supported by various political parties, NGOs and labor unions. Before the rally started, two explosion took place, killing 102 people.

In the initial investigation report prepared by inspectors, it is stated that 25 days before the massacre some intelligence reports were received, informing that ISIS will carry out multiple suicide attacks in rallies. And it turned out that police chiefs hadn't passed this information to their superiors.  


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