The sexual abuse regulation removed from the bill

The regulation that would pardon men accused of sexually abusing underage girls is removed from the bill by the majority of the vote in the Justice Commission. The regulation has caused outcry in the society.

The regulation on child abuse had been withdrawn to be discussed in the commission. By majority of the votes, the regulation is removed from the bill. 

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ was also present in the meeting. He said, “The regulation we proposed wasn't about even a single rapist, but people misunderstood. And we failed to explain our purpose. We removed this regulation because of the reaction of the citizens.”

The second paragraph of the provisional Article 1 to the bill was about underage marriage. The paragraph would lead to pardoning of men accused of sexually abusing underage girls, if the perpetrator and the victim get married. The paragraph in question is removed from the bill.  


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