Jarablus operation, which was launched against ISIS but also targeted Kurdish military forces, continues. However, some sources claim that the US, Iran and Russia came to an agreement in Jarablus, or northern Syria, and Turkey and PYD accepted the conditions of this agreement. According to this alleged agreement, Turkey will stay in Jarablus and Kurds will be able to connect Kobani and Afrin cantons through Al-Bab.

Turkish Military Forces has entered Syria. The operation named “Euphrates Shield” started on Wednesday morning and the forces reached ISIS-held Jarablus in the same day. Political scientist Assistant Prof. Erhan Keleşoğlu and former Erbil Consulate-General Aydın Selcen assessed "Euphrates Shield" operation, that was launched against ISIS in Jarablus.

Working for NGOs for years, Nurcan Baysal wrote a book for giving voice to women and not letting that horrible massacre to be forgotten. “73rd Decree” (“Ezidiler: 73. Ferman Katliam ve Kurtuluş") is heavy, but it is nothing compared to what women, men and children had been experiencing.

Silopi is still under curfew and police and military forces raided the house of Seyfettin Aslan, the co-Mayor of Silopi, while HDP MP Ferhat Encü and co-Mayors of Silopi Emine Esmer and Seyfettin Aslan were there. Encü stated that the security forces started to follow the order of the prime minister who said “There will be a cleaning from house to house.” Encü also said that a civilian is killed in Cizre.

98 women were elected to the parliament on June 7, but this number declines to 82 on November 1. Now, the parliament is full of mustaches once again. Women are unhappy because of the unequal representation, but they will carry on struggling for their demands.