NEWS What is your next step? Are you going to kill 15-20 million Kurds now?

One of the most prominent genocide researchers in the world, Ronald Grigor Suny was in İstanbul for “Critical Approaches to the Armenian Genocide Conference” that is organized by Sabanci University. We made an interview with Suny; he shared his evaluations on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and his views on the events in Kurdistan from the perspective of the Armenian Genocide.
SOCIETY He was on the front, while his family was subjected to deportation

The biography of Dr. Avedis Cebeciyan is compiled from the book that his son, Robert Cebeciyan, wrote and published in Aleppo in 1999: “Autobiography, Memoirs and Activities of Robert Cebeciyan”. In the book, there is also an introduction by Prof. Ayhan Aktar that is titled “War and Genocide Diary of Dr. Cebeciyan”.
CULTURE AND ARTS Istanbul Biennial’s response to the festering wounds

The press conference of 14th Istanbul Biennial, which will open its doors to visitors on next Saturday, was held at Italian High School on September 2. Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, the curator of the biennial, made a long opening speech in Turkish and by this way, we understood that not only the artworks, but also Bakargiev’s energy will spread all over the city.
GENERAL The ceremony at the Akhtamar is cancelled

The ceremony that was planned to be conducted on September 6 in The Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island is cancelled due to security concerns. Many people from Armenia and Armenian Diaspora was expected to attend the ceremony that has been conducted since 2011.
SPECIAL REPORTS Vicken Cheterian: Kurds replaced the Armenians

Journalist and historian Vicken Cheterian wrote a book which assesses the effects of Armenian genocide on global politics, academic research, Kurdish question, Turkish and Armenian societies during the process that has been going on for 100 years. Focusing mainly on the post genocide period, Open Wounds: Armenians, Turks, and a Century of Genocide considers Hrant Dink’s assassination as a milestone.
NEWS Rakel Dink: A Century of Genocide

Rakel Dink, in the article titled ‘A Century of Genocide’ she wrote for the April 24, 2015, issue of Cumhuriyet newspaper, relates what befell her family and relatives in 1915, how she met Hrant Dink, and the struggles they put up together: Today, first at Balıklı, at my Çutak’s grave, then in Şişli, at Sevag’s grave, and finally, in Taksim Square, to commemorate the ones we lost during the 1915 Genocide, I will silently wait for this country to become free.